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Astoogy Collection
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Astrology Collection

Introducing a captivating digital art series featuring zodiac signs set against a backdrop of a full moon and a serene cloudy night sky. Below the central full moon, the series beautifully captures the five distinct phases of the moon. Each zodiac sign is meticulously represented through dedicated digital artwork that epitomize the unique themes and symbols associated with that sign, making it a delightful choice for astrology enthusiasts.


To complement the 5x7 prints, meticulously designed glossy paper stock moon astrology bookmarks have been created. These bookmarks tastefully match the color theme of the prints, featuring the corresponding zodiac constellation set against a mesmerizing backdrop of a cloudy starry night sky. The reverse side of each bookmark thoughtfully showcases the moon phases and zodiac birth dates. This exquisite combination of art and functionality makes these bookmarks an ideal gift for avid readers and astrology enthusiasts alike, bringing joy to any bookworm's hear.

Astrology Collection

Spiral Object
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Astrology Reading
Looking to know more about your unique human blue print?

Ever wanted to go deeper into knowing who you are, your life's purpose, and unrealized potential/untapped gifts? A Personal Overview reading is the best way to begin your journey into astrology and/or human design. This is the initial exploration into your personal blueprint – who you are designed to be. Why a reading?


Well learn to:

1) Let go of the desire to be someone other than who you are designed to be

2) Release limiting beliefs and stories you keep telling yourself while judging your self-worth

3) Throw out the comparative thought by exploring the mechanics of how just how were so uniquely made.


Get your individual astrology birth chart and human design read, a keepsake recording of our reading session, and personalized PDF that shows the pathway out of the suffering of the mind by revealing your uniqueness to you. Appointments run 60 minutes in length. An audio recording of the appointment will be provided.

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Your Personalized Reading
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Succulent Catchphrase

Succulent Catchphrase Collection

Renditions of my mini acrylic paintings first inspired and created for the #31daychallenge hosted annually by @artbyandreaehrhardt.


The #31daychallenge takes place every year, commencing on January 1st, inviting a community of artists to produce a fresh artwork each day for 31 days. The primary objective is to maintain consistency, making it advantageous to select a theme that resonates. Representing the digital renditions of my mini acrylic paintings first inspired and created for the #31daychallenge hosted annually by @artbyandreaehrhardt.

These make perfect art print gifts for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or Father's Day, as you can humorously and creatively express your love for that special someone.

Plant Succulent Collection


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