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Welcome To The

Creative Nourish

Wellness Art Therapy

Empowering Mother Creatives and Children through Wellness Art Therapy

At Creative Nourish, our mission is to empower mother creatives and their families by providing a safe and nurturing space for them to explore their artistic abilities and improve their overall well-being through the transformative power of art therapy.

We believe that every mother has a unique creative voice that
deserves to be expressed and celebrated.


Our Values


Empowerment: We strive to empower mother creatives to reclaim their artistic identity and embrace their unique creative journey. We believe in fostering confidence, resilience, and personal growth through creative expression.


Nurturing: We provide a safe and nurturing environment where mother creatives can find solace, heal, and rejuvenate their mind, body, and spirit. We are committed to creating a space that supports their overall well-being.


Collaboration: We value collaboration and believe in the power of community. We foster a sense of belonging by facilitating connections among mother creatives, encouraging peer support, and organizing group activities


Accessibility: We are committed to making art therapy and wellness practices accessible to all mother creatives. We offer a range of programs, workshops, and resources that cater to different needs, skill levels, and financial situations


Inspiration: We aim to inspire mother creatives to explore their creativity and tap into their inner wisdom. Through our art therapy sessions, workshops, and resources, we encourage self-expression, exploration, and personal transformation.


AuthenticityWe celebrate and honor each mother creative's authentic voice, story, and experiences. We create a judgment-free space where they can freely express themselves without fear of criticism or comparison.

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