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Nigerian Woman

Nigerian Woman


African Art Collection

Nigerian Woman - An Emblem of Strength


In the heart of an exquisite African art collection, the painting titled "Nigerian Woman" stands as a captivating depiction of grace, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of African women. This masterpiece, created by the talented artist Madelyne Oliver, transcends the boundaries of time and space to capture the essence of a Nigerian woman's journey.


The painting presents a striking portrayal of a woman adorned in vibrant traditional attire, intricately woven fabrics that bear witness to Nigeria's rich cultural heritage. The colors, a tapestry of earthy tones and vivid hues, merge harmoniously to celebrate the diverse ethnicities that thrive within the nation. This woman's presence becomes a symbol of unity, transcending tribal divisions.


This is a one of a kind Original Painting acrylic painting on canvas.

The Original Size: 24x36". Glicee paper prints available in select sizes. 

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