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Artists’ Ultimate Set Up for Success: Preparing to Sell More Art in 2023

Probably you’re reading this blog because you are an artist and want to grow your business by selling your artwork. Whether this is a part-time or full-fledged business, it’s important to acquire knowledge of art sales and make a good profit from your artwork. When selling your artwork, it’s important that you treat it as a product. If you are doing business on the online platform, consider it as an e-commerce product.

When selling your artwork on Etsy, Amazon, or others, you are not just a mere artist with a shopfront or a business owner of various creative artwork. Portray yourself as an e-commerce owner with a distinctive store. Quite naturally, the approach should align with a way that attracts creative seekers.

So, let’s start this year on a positive note and find the answers to how to be successful in selling artwork in 2023 –

Provide Shipping with No Extra Charge

Be smart and include the shipping charge along with the product. The statement – “FREE SHIPPING” is an absolute winner when you are trying to increase your art sales. By advertising free shipping, customers will be attracted to taking it as a deal. Prepare for success as more people will tend to buy your artwork simply because they don’t have to pay anything extra for shipping.

Make Your Artwork Available with Downloads

People would love and certainly appreciate it if they get your artwork easily available on the Internet. Make your artwork available with instant or digital downloads. Remember, the digital version of your artwork must be sold at a lower price point. Make sure that the customers who are paying, can download the product instantly. The best part is this doesn’t include any printing or shipping costs. You can leave the print job for the customers who are downloading it. You can either list your artwork on a third-party e-commerce store or simply create your own. Listing your artwork helps you cut costs and gradually this initiative will be adored by the customers.

Stick to a Niche

It’s good to maintain a niche so that customers can easily find you whenever they are in search of that specific artistic category. A niche can be chosen based on your vision, your success story, and the short-term & long-term goals that you have. It is important to be specific with your artwork as it defines your career in the long run. Every artist is bound to come up with different answers and that’s perfectly fine.

Set Up Your Brand Image

Share the story of your brand with your target customers. Your creative success speaks for itself when you build a strong online presence. This is one of the easiest ways for creating a reputable brand image. Creating the perfect brand image is possible when you have an online presence. It is one of the easiest ways for customers to find answers and that is why online platforms are preferred over others. Naturally, it is the next step to buying your artwork instantly. Work on finding the most suitable social media platforms for your art and concentrate on making quality posts.

High-Quality Packaging

Customers would never appreciate a seller sending damaged art due to poor packaging. As you’re dealing with painting and artwork, packaging has a special significance. Make sure to clearly communicate with your customers, especially, when it comes to expected delivery dates. Choose a renowned and professional delivery partner who can safely dispatch your artwork. As a rule of thumb, send your artwork inside multiple paddings and always use a hardcover.

Increase the Number of Return Customers

This is a good practice if you can manage to attract loyal customers repeatedly. You can provide incentives along with the white glove service. Incentives can be in the form of return customer discounts, custom orders, promos, asking for reviews and referrals, etc. The rolling of customers and their recommendations plays a major role in defining your success.

These are the perfect answers for – how to achieve success by selling artwork in 2023. Set up the winning manual and ride your way to a victorious art tycoon!

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